Rugged bling

Handmade jewelry

Yesterday I threw myself into the highly frowned upon (by me, though) craft of making ''jewelry'' at home. I must admit I enjoyed it quite a bit.
So, here's some handmade crystal & leather jewelry by me. The crystals (let's call them that, for the sake of simplicity) are genuine and the leathers are of the highest quality.
Each one of these photos could contain a bombastic and engaging caption,
such as:

''Wear this white quartz to purify your energy and keep negative emotions at bay. The gold-colored leather wrap will amp up your cunt chakra power by a million''


''This delicate blue-lace agate mineral pendant will help you come in touch with your higher self as the others come in touch with their envy''

No. It won't.

Not unless you are on some drugs when you wear it.

But it will definitely look cool and provide the right amount of  rugged bling for your 

dark glam #OOTD

Pyrite chunk necklace

Iva Sokovic logo jewelry pouch

Pyrite chunk pendant

White quartz in gold cowhide wrap

White quartz in silver cowhide wrap

White quartz in silver cowhide wrap

Blue lace agate mineral

Blue lace agate mineral

Flame agate necklace

Pyrite cube 

Pyrite cube