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So, what on Earth happened to Nyx?

If you have been following my work, you probably know that I had taken a 4-year break from my own fashion label, NYX, as I got married and moved country. This period felt like a blink of an eye, as I have been incredibly busy with putting the basics of my life back in working order, or better yet, setting up new ones. So, it took a while to get things to start working out, and here I am, 4 years later, digging up my old blog - which I even thought I would delete, revamping my website and essentially re-branding. I decided to drop Nyx as a label name, because of the identically titled make-up brand (and a cool one, may I add!) which wasn't present in Europe at all when I started ''project Nyx''. I figured it would be more convenient for me in the future to simply embrace my name and work with what I've got. 💃

       Living in a new country (in my case Norway) does change your style, if not your whole personality. It really does. I went through so…

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